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Never miss any messages

Lirelechat is a multi-column chat inspired by the way you work. From player to professional, this chat can display many messages without lag. It uses very little CPU and RAM while providing lots of features to keep your chat readable.

Learn more about our multi-column chat

Displaying messages using columns allows you to read all of your messages without delay. You no longer need to use your scrollbar to go up-down several times.

See for yourself: Messages remain visible 5 times as long!

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Screenshots :

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#1: View of message history

The first column is fixed.

The other columns are scrollable to allow you to check your chat's message history.

fixed column
historic -1
historic -2
historic -3
historic -4
historic -5
historic -6

#2: Our chat is customizable

The chat is fully customizable to comply with your expectations.

We keep working towards these goals and more options.

Chat settings:








#3: Messages with color shading

Move you cursor on the shading:

The messages are color-coded with a repeating background rainbow pattern to quickly locate the last one you've read.

Simple and intuitive: colour the message by age to find them after 30-40 seconds of focus in your game!

Don't lose your time finding the last message you've read.









#4: Displaying the number of viewers

Follow the viewer number who join and leave in your live stream. Number of viewers is an important measure.

We show you who is in chat in realtime. React to your audience sooner rather than later.

You are connected.

📉 +1 (12) 💺 JOIN (1): you 💨 PART (0):

💺 HERE: jack, jol, ligue, martin, nev, rolf, samuel, sorro, ten, trin, vous, zam

💺 HERE: 12

Martin: I really like what you do !

Martin: Keep it up !

Sorro: It's great.

📉 +2 (14) 💺 JOIN (3): frosti, nev, psylock 💨 PART (1): jol

Nev: Hi

Samuel: Hey @Nev

Ten: Hi @Nev

📈 -1 (13) 💺 JOIN (0): 💨 PART (1): zam

#5 : Displaying TwitchCard

TwitchCards are event thumbnail. They display when you get: sub, subgift, cheer gift, host, raid et ritual (= "is new here !").

Donec : Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Mauris : Cras quis nibh in diam gravida faucibus

QuaranteTrois: Cheer5Cheer50Cheer500Cheer4000Kappa10000Cheer6000Cheer20000QuaranteTrois
gifted 40555 cheers !

Nullam : Sed tincidunt sapien ac tellus dictum, et cursus augue porta.

Guythy: Gift for 5 viewers !
By: Padre (64)
soulyspekNakyNazagarotsmileGood Type: Tier1 Number: 5

Morbi : Cras sodales ipsum sit amet consequat molestie.

QuaranteTrois: QuaranteTrois
raids with 15 viewers !

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